Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Game time, Hunh!

When we aren't coloring pictures or playing soccer or baseball or reading story books or chasing chickens... we find other games to play!
Sorry I tried to put music with it, but that just didn't happen and the titles are too fast to read! Take what you can get!
Get creative or die trying.

Happy You Still Have Snow And I Don't! ;D

Look for the upcoming GUEST BLOG from my friends Mark and Lauren who just visited!! I figure since this blog has gone viral and is saturated with readers, it's legit enough for guest blogs! You'll surely enjoy it! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It's official! I've got a house!! (And have for a few weeks, but I've been plagued with slow interent connections!) Roughly 150 square feet on a prime plot of land in the center of town. Located smack dab between the church and the equivalent of the church basement. At least I'll never be lonely on Sundays!

View 1: The English and Spanish libraries, the pantry, and the toolshed.

View 2: The bedroom, living room (hammocks), yoga studio, and art gallery (Artwork by Kathryn!).

View 3: Kitchen!

View 4: Front porch (same size as the house), cool kids hangout, where I hang my underwear to dry, communal gathering area.

There was a little work to do, but I'm knocking down the list:

Bought a new blue tarp so people could only see me through the large tears in the old one for about a week. The termites keep eating through the posts, but I've replaced three out of the four so far so I think they're running out of realty... hopefully.

I talked to the landlord about digging a new latrine because the current one is getting dangerously full. Yup. That's going to be a priority!

Shout out to Sammi, Tasha, and Marie and an extra special thanks to Ustabee's Bar and Grill for all of the practice I received cleaning grease off stuff (e.g. the deep fryer, the wall behind the aforementioned grill, box fans...). Looking at the positives - the friends that scrape grease together, stay together! Either way, all the practice prepared me for the task of cleaning my stove. I'm not naming names (you know who you are!) or speculating on how something this atrocious could occur, but don't worry - it's fixed now!

The place came with a dog! Her name is Gerdie and though she probably most likely definitely has worms and a few other things she's quite adorable and real sweet. She lets me feed her my leftover rice and pick the ticks off of her face with my tweezers - it's a pretty symbiotic relationship. :)

I'm enjoying my whole new life in Limon with cooking and quiet time. Life is great!