Thursday, May 23, 2013

Speaking of Independence Days!

I went two years without writing about one of Panama's largest holidays.  The holiday to start all holidays, you might say.  November 3rd marked Panama’s 109th year of independence from Colombia.  This is the first of a month full of patriotic celebrations.  There’s a flag day and provincial celebrations spreading west through the middle of the month.  Probably something else I’m missing, but I can sing the chorus to the national anthem!

We had a celebration at our school on the day of.  Poems were memorized, songs were sung, tamales were eaten by this girl; it was a success.  The traditional dance group made an appearance in their polleras.  

Another Independence Day tradition is the climbing of a large post to get a flag.  It’s pretty entertaining!  I didn’t stick around for it this year, but here are some pictures from last year.