Sunday, October 14, 2012

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave!

I just got back to Panama after a two week vacation to AMERICA!!  It was super amazing to see so many friends and family even though many of our encounters were quick.  :)

I was talking to a friend the other day and we were discussing how the Peace Corps has made us nationalists.  She said, “I used to be from California, but now I’m from the United States of America.”

I joined my Grandma for lunch at the nursing home where she’s currently vacationing.  Not as satisfying as making apple pies with her at home – they made us eat lunch with our dessert.  Don’t they know that when you’re that old you get to eat (and serve your granddaughter) whatever you want for lunch?!  Including but not limited to ice cream sundaes, chocolate chip cookies, and apple pie!  Get well soon, Grandma!

Stole leaves from trees in Minneapolis!

I married my best friend… to some guy she kinda likes!

I polkaed with Bucky the Badger!  I love you, Wisconsin!

My aunts helped with the pre-wedding celebrations!  It was not the bride’s family who was at the picnic last.  It was not the groom’s family who was at the picnic last.  No, it was the Drake’s who have the staying power to close down any party.

Made REAL chicken pot pies!  Mmm nom nom!

Fall, the best season, was in full swing.  The air was brisk and the trees, gorgeous! 

Even though America was great, it is nice to be back in Panama.  I love my community, especially my adorable neighbor girls, and my job is pretty spectacularly awesome!   :)

Life is good.  :)

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